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All Non-Food Related Businesses:
eg: Newsagencies, Post Offices, Retail and anything non-food related
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Business Price Location Weekly
Rent Code
NEWSAGENCY - SOUTH WEST SYDNEY - 00783 $ 299,000 South Western Sydney $ 246,156 $ $ 93,459 00783
ESTABLISHED LASER CUTTING & ENGRAVING BUSINESS - WESTERN SYDNEY - 00777 $ 109,000 South Western Sydney $ 92,000 $ 53,552 $ 8,448 00777
IMPRESSIONABLE KIDS - THE HILLS DISTRICT - 00770 $ 59,999 Hills District $ $ $ 00770

About Us

Xchange Business Brokers is a boutique agency specialising in the sale of businesses in the greater Sydney area.

We are experts in selling a wide variety of independent businesses such as Cafes, Restaurants, Espresso Bars and Newsagency’s.


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